Safety Tips

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Gift-Giving Types

* When gifts were given too frequently or rarely, anxiety and negative feelings could spoil the relationship.
* Big gifts early in dating may make a partner feel anxious, obligated, or manipulated.
* For that resonance, a User gift-giving is the responsibility of the giving gift user.

Dating Safely

Are you ready to date “Offline in person”? Here are some tips to help you stay safe once you’ve decided to meet your match in person—and ensure your date feels comfortable too!

Before the date:

* Ask your match to get verified using the Goldidate photo verification feature in the app.
* Use our video chat or voice chat feature to “meet” your date virtually before you take it offline. That way, you can be 100% sure they’re who they say they are!
* The first time you meet, make sure it’s in a public place.
* Tell somebody close to you your date’s name, where you’re going, and when—and that you’ll contact them once you’re safely home afterward.

During the date:

* Don’t give out private information about yourself right away, like your home or office address.
* If you’re drinking, keep an eye on your drink. If you have to leave it for any length of time, you can order a fresh one!
* Always feel free to politely leave the date. If you don’t feel comfortable, it’s important to put yourself first.
* Find an advocate nearby, like a bartender or waiter. Enlist their help to get you out of an uncomfortable situation by saying you have an urgent call.
* If it’s something more serious, ask the bartender or waiter to help you organize a way to get home or call the police.

Dating respectfully:

Remember, your date is probably just as nervous as you are! Here are some ways to make sure you’re treating your match with respect when you meet in person.

Before the date:

* Make sure your own profile is verified on Bumble before asking to meet “Offline in person”. You can offer to video chat in the app a few days beforehand to make sure your date’s feeling comfortable that you are who you say you are!
* If you’re planning a date, include an option that doesn’t involve alcohol, like a trip to a museum or roller skating rink. That way, your date won’t feel pressured to drink if they don’t want to.
* Make sure you’ve discussed any boundaries before meeting up. The pandemic may be ending, but there are many people who’d prefer to stick to outdoor and/or masked dates for now.

During the date:

* See each date as the chance to get to know someone better, rather than going in with any expectations that your meetup should progress beyond that.
* Be kind, embrace a positive attitude, and aim to have fun. That’ll help put your date at ease.
* Remember: neither one of you owes each other anything, no matter who pays for the meal.

Preparing for safety “Offline in person”

Your safety “Offline in person” is as important as safety on the app. Here are things you can do in the build-up to make sure you don’t run into any problems.

1. Be careful what you share: It’s worth keeping your home address (and maybe your place of work) private at first, just in case the first meet doesn’t go well and you need to step back.
This also applies to the photos on your profile. If you can, avoid making places that you frequent too obvious.
2. Get your detective on: There is zero shame in doing some background research. Checking social media to make sure a match is who they say they are is something many people do, and a great way to raise any red flags.
3. Do your verifying: You can ask them to verify themselves via Goldidate if you’re in any doubt at all, but beyond that, a Voice or Video call is the best way to make sure the vibes are as they should be.
4. Agree to meet in a public place: Public places carry fewer risks and are usually more fun for the first few dates. Meeting somewhere with staff also means you can ask them for help if uncomfortable situations arise.
5. Also, be sure to tell someone where you agree to meet and who you’re meeting, then let them know once you get home.